Clouds Fall Over Maine

Clouds Fall Over Maine


Clouds Fall Over Maine is the latest from Tongue in Cheek Jazz Band! Check out the single below and order your’s today!

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“Clouds Fall Over Maine” is the third studio record released by Tongue in Cheek Jazz Band. It features their first original song and some special 5 piece string band arrangements. This record truly encompasses the influence the band takes from Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France. The record serves as a a collection of rare songs played in the Django Reinhardt style but on more ‘American’ sounding instruments (banjo, tuba, resonator guitar, etc.). The band includes:

  1. Zach Serleth on Plectrum Banjo

  2. Bridget Cimino on Vocals

  3. Ed Goldstein on Tuba

  4. Matthew Andrews on Violin

  5. Sami Arefin on Resonator Guitar